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Dope Fit Chick Bestie Program

Having no motivation or feeling alone on your journey to get fit is more common than you think!   Our Bestie program will keep you motivated, and provide you with a workout partner anytime you need to go to the gym.


The Benefits of this program

  • Working out becomes more fun with someone by your side
  • Motivation & Support
  • Increases commitment
  • You will always have someone to spot you!

Basic Plan

Weekly Price: $40-$70 per week

Monthly Price:$240 ($60 savings  for a month)

Your Bestie will be available two-three times per week at the YMCA or Planet Fitness. Every month you will receive three tips to start the month to help your fitness journey via email. You will also receive 5% off any dope fit chick products. Appointments can be scheduled a week in advance.



VIP Bestie

Weekly Price: $100

Monthly Price: $380 (save $80 for a month)

Your Bestie is available 4 times out the week at the YMCA or Planet Fitness.  Twice a month receive special tips for your fitness journey. You will be added to a private chat room. If you need support or motivation when not working out you can send messages in this room during certain hours. You will also receive 5% off any dope fit chick products. Appointments can be scheduled three days in advance.


Supermarket Bestie

Add on to any service: $15 per hour


You will have a Dope fit chick fitness motivator with you when you go shopping. We will be by your side to help you make healthy selections while you shop, or just to keep you company, so you don’t pick up unhealthy treats.


Wake up/ Or Wind Down Virtual Bestie

$12/20 minutes

It can be difficult finding someone in your area
to workout with. Schedule a facetime or skype call and we will workout with you at the same
time. Lets count it out, and get on track.


Virtual  PILOXING class


A non-stop interval fusion of 


That will push you past your limits.

Feel empowered with boxing, find balance with Pilates, and let loose with fun and funky dance moves!

This unique combination is guaranteed, to burn maximum calories, and build lean muscles.