Dope Fit Chick of the Week!

Our Dope Fit Chick of the week is fitness motivator Sharrell Loritts ! Read our interview with her and find out what she eats and how she maintains her shape!

    Name: Sharrell Loritts 

Location: Dayton, Oh

Age: 31

Height: 5’ 3 “

Weight: 116lbs


 What motivates you to work out and live a healthy lifestyle?

What motivates me is we have a history of high blood pressure and diabetes in my family and I don’t want to experience having either or just bad health overall. We absolutely have to take care of ourselves you only get one body.


What does your workout routine look like?

Depends on the day but you can always catch me working on legs so I’ve started to incorporate more lifting and less cardio.


What do you eat in a typical day to stay in shape?

Protein, veggies and I drink water

How do you maintain your hair while working out?

I mainly maintain my hair by wearing braids or other protective styles, also weaves.


What’s in your gym bag?

Gym shoes, dumbells, x-bands and my headphones.

What might we catch you doing outside the gym?

You can usually catch me out doing community service and at different events in the city.


Give your best 3 health tips that people can implement right now.

  1. Drink more water

  2. Don’t skip breakfast

  3. Get active

Where can we find you on social media?

Facebook: Sharrell Lo

Instagram: sharrell.lo