Dope Fit Chick of the Week!

Our Dope Fit Chick of the week is personal trainer Tay! Read her interview and find out her 3 best health tips you can implement right now!

Quick Stats:

Name: Tay

Location: Los Angeles

Age: 30

Height: 5’3

Weight: 145



What motivates you to work out and live a healthy lifestyle?

I have always been an athlete, so I became addicted to the challenge at an early age. I enjoy pushing myself and working through anything that I believe will make me a stronger, woman...mentally and physically.

What does your workout routine look like?

Most workouts start with a dynamic warm up followed by my heavy compound lifts. I love to finish strong with plyos or sprints.

What do you eat in a typical day to stay in shape?

I LOVE breakfast foods, so better believe I enjoy a well rounded breakfast. Eggs with sauteed veggies is a go-to. I typically have 2 snacks ( nuts, fruit, etc) throughout the day, lunch (baked chicken, sweet potato, green beans), dinner (salmon salad or white fish) followed by a protein shake to end the day.

How do you maintain your hair while working out?

Oohh lawd. This is a struggle! I love wearing my curls out but I have to refrain from sweating the day that I wash to prevent frizz. Once in the gym though I typically wear my hair up (loosely) and off of my neck and forehead. Braids have been my go-to lately though. Sooo convenient!

What’s in your gym bag?

Resistance bands, booty bands, sliders, ankle strap, wrist straps, CBD oil, gum, headphones, waist trainer, preparation H for the sauna :)

How do you create the balance between being a mom & wife, and making time for the gym?

Now this can be overwhelming at times. I want to give 100% in all areas of my life, but that’s not possible on a day to day basis. I try to juggle everything as best I can while understanding that some days I will have to give more attention to one area of my life over others. I just try to roll with the punches. Luckily I’m blessed to have a very understanding family.

What might we catch you doing outside the gym?

I enjoy nature so days on the beach, hiking, biking, at the park are always a pleasure for me (especially here in Sunny California). Music, dance, comedy, poetry are other hobbies that I have, so I take advantage of any events pertaining to these activities. I love meeting new people too so I definitely need to keep an active social life lol.

Give your best 3 health tips that people can implement right now.

1 Get rid of all temping foods/snacks! If you don’t have access to it, it’ll be more difficult to eat it.

2 Eat a vegetable and ample protein at every meal. Fuel your body!

3 Find an accountability partner and the two of you schedule 30 minutes of exercise a day together.

Where can we find you on social media?

IG: tayione

YouTube : TrainLikeTay